Motherhood: From My Kitchen


Motherhood: From My Kitchen

Recipes to inspire, soothe and warm


The first part of the Motherhood project is a small keepsake recipe book. 

A mother is immersed in a busy life, but one thing will be constant

– the need to eat, to feed your child, to nourish your family. Home cooking and baking is a simple and creative outlet, allowing you to control what food is consumed and beat the rising costs and availability of processed foods.

Motherhood: From my Kitchen is a collection of recipes from mothers… simple, packed with goodness, easy to prepare. Everything from pasta to homemade yoghurt, muesli bars to slices, celebration cakes to soups, stews and salads. You’ll find a helpful checklist of party food, a place to record all your family meals for easy meal planning, creative play ideas including slime, bubbles, dough and rice. Dinners that are baby friendly, nice for toddlers, easy to prepare in advance. Lunchbox ideas to fill busy tummies that are healthy! And finally, recipes to make your own cleaners plus some natural first aid remedies.

Motherhood: From my Kitchen is a keepsake recipe book for you to make yours. Embrace home cooking, have fun and enjoy your food. May motherhood be kind to you, and may you treasure the wonder of homecooked food and the warmth that it offers.

Motherhood: From my Kitchen has hundreds of recipes and is divided into categories:

*meal planning

*Main meals

*Baking, sweets and desserts

*snacks and lunchboxes

*parties and celebrations

 *baby food

*creative play

*Natural home, Natural baby

Also loads of gluten free recipes, some dairy free recipes, many egg-free recipes!!!!

Lots for the kids to help out with, heaps of crockpot recipes, salads, homemade chicken nuggets, fish and chips, quinoa salad, quick beer bread, rosemary chicken crepes, homemade pasta, spaghetti and meatballs, self crusting quiche, marinated steak with brie and basil mushroom sauce, crockpot lasagne, burritos, kiwi lollie cake, gluten free baking mix, ice cream, GF brandy snaps, afghans, crockpot choc pudding, fruit salad cake, ambrosia, scones, banana bread (and GF banana bread), mars bar cheesecake, ginger slice, caramel slice, choc chip bikkies, DF instant pudding, gingerbread men, damper, anzac bisxuits, clafouti, weetbix slice, pikelets, baby rusks, brownie, monkey rolls, breastfeeding shake, yoghurt, bread rolls, hummus, baby porridge, cupcakes, choc fudge……

There are a few articles as well plus some blank pages to encourage you to put in your photos, family recipes etc and make the cookbook yours! There is room to pencil in your alterations and comments, use sticky notes to mark your favourites, and create a cookbook that you can pass onto your children!

The book is now available for purchase at $20 a copy. $2 of every copy goes to the Pernatal Mental Health New Zealand Trust ( who provide resources and support for families living with PND.

We’re so proud to be supporting such a fantastic cause!



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