The Motherhood Project

I’m writing books on motherhood, and I would love for you to share my journey!


The project is in 5 parts… and the whole idea is to be a bit more real about the demands of motherhood, and to celebrate ourselves more. I am splitting the project into different books.

Your ideas, tips, recipes, experiences, feedback and stories will help me immensly and make the book more relevant to us all as mothers!

I am collecting stories about different situations – birth stories, disabilities, baby loss, a pecial something your baby said, poems…. anything at all that you want to share. It can be anonymous or I can credit you to your input!I am also looking for recipes – even your simple meatloaf recipe! , tips on nappies, sleeping, feeding, handling unwanted advice – anything!, any input at all!!!Even questions! I will try and get them answered by other mums or professionals for inclusion in the books. 

I want to normalise us mothers talking a bit more honestly to each other, to make PND more acceptable to talk about, to accept that motherhood is hard work and sad and mundane as well as rewarding, to make motherhood more natural, for us women to trust our bodies and our instincts more..

Your thoughts on this most welcome!!




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