Why I Love Labour Weekend

Labour Weekend is always a fantastically summery weekend, where my man and I tuck up the sleeves, bring out the white legs, and get stuck into some gardening, home maintanence, tidying up and finishing up the spring cleaning. I love it…. and then it feels like summer and xmas are on the way and life is good and warm and happy.

Alas, not this year. Firstly, its raining. Secondly, my man is working on his project and after a rearrnge here I am still putting our house back together. But thirdly, and worst of all, we’re all recovering from a kick-ass flu this week. It was seriously bad. It put my man, who usually either has man-flu or will soldier on – flat on his back for three days – without the internet and trade me!

It then floored me and I spent the most hideous 24 hours squeezing my eyes shut against any light and feeling like I was going to die. I alternated between hallucinating and being boiling hot, and being freezing cold and shivering (and hallucinating!). It was not a happy time and this was hot on the heels of the four children being sick (ear and throat infections in them all) – what a MEAN bug!

So swing forward 3 days and its labour weekend, I cringe at the LW sales from all the big shops (what, again? Same 20 – 60%off as usual) and try not to read all the little boutique sales on FB!!!
And I’m exhausted, still recovering, wish I had the motivation to sort clothes, put winter bedding away and bake up a storm…. but alas…… out comes the Mills and Boons and a couple of panadol!!!!!!!


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