Breastfeeding Woes

I have been hit with a double whammy – mastitis and thrush on my boobs. This is extremely painful and does not make for a pleasant weekend 😦



Note that this post features some photos and you may wish to turn the monitor away from your preschoolers if you wish to avoid those fun questions!



I suspected the thrush a day two days ago. My nipple was extremely sore, starting to peel, and sending shooting pains through my breast at feeding time. I am still feeding quite often (no less than 8 times a day LOL).

It was also red. I half expected it to bleed, such was the pain. If you are experiencing this, and you find that adjusting the latch does not help, you may need to seek some medical support.

Now the fun part of this is that you could reasonable expect to see thrush in your baby’s mouth. Your baby may have white spots on the inside of his cheeks or a white fluffy tongue (or no symptoms at all).

You can see a very red, sore looking nipple here.








Treatment involves an antifungal cream that goes on after feeds and also treats baby.
Remember when you get your treatment that your baby will be sucking this. My doctor gave me something that I felt was inappropriate for my baby to be sucking so I dug out the antifungal cream I have used before (yes, I’ve had it before!).

I had thrush when i first started feeding baby one, King Tut. My midwife couldnt understand why I was crying in pain and it hugely affected my breastfeeding journey, ending it after just several short weeks. Thrush can be treated so if you think this is you – please get some help and move over it! It can give your baby a sore mouth so treat both of you.

Anyway, so I’m dealing with this on Thursday and then on Friday morning it got worse. In just one feed – there was shooting pain, and then the boob was very very sore – and I knew what was happening. I did up my bra, pulled down my top and realised what was wrong. Breast infection – mastitis. One call to the doctor.

I try and avoid antibiotics and drugs, and use natural alternatives if possible. But mastitis is one that I just dont muck around with, so I went straight to the doctor before the next feed to ask for antibiotics.






Now with the mastitis, you can see the redness on the side of the boob, close to the nipple (it looks spotty in the photo). Also in mere hours, the breast hardened and got lumpy. Usually following this you feel sick, with flu symptoms – hot/cold chills, exhaustion, body aches, and a high temp. It is nasty – previously I have had it and thought I was going to die!

I had three mastitis episodes with each of babies one and two. Then I got a new midwife and she suggested lethicin and ester C taken together. I did this for the first 3 – 4 months after the births of babies 3 and 4 and didnt get a single breast infection – it works! Today I dug out these two products (available from health shops) and am taking them too.

Of course when you’re taking antibiotics, you need to sort the good bacteria in your tum (and you should when you get thrush too). So I’m chowing down the Inner Health and yoghurt. You should also cut back on yeast and sugar, which I believe feed the yeast infection.

So wish me luck. Each feed time is extremely painful (toe-curling!) so it might be another long night. I’ve spent most of the day on the couch resting and I’m really over it!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Woes

  1. Hi! Thank you for the information. I wish to know, is it safe to take the medication while breastfeeding? I dont know if its mastitis also, i went for a checkup before and do the treatment still it didnt go, said its a fungal infection. Thanks

    1. You can safely take antibiotics and paracetamol while breastfeeding.
      I would suggest if you have finished a course of antibiotics with no improvement to start a course of probiotics. If you think it is a fungal infection, see your doctor for an antifungal cream for your nipples and treat your baby as well, as they may have thrush in their mouth and you dont want to be passing it back and forth.
      Good luck, it can be really painful.

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