My New Christmas Project…. 50 days to go….

50 days til Xmas which is very exciting, half the present shopping is done and I have a list of Xmas crafts I want to do with the kids, and we’re counting down when we can put up the tree (although with a nearly-walking babe I’m guessing it will be going inside the playpen again this year to protect my decorations!!!).

But 50 days is also very scary considering I have a new project on the brain….. a Christmas themed Motherhood project!

This is going to be a little more child-themed and more artsy than the recipe book. I would love to feature artwork and photos from others, so if you have something you want included, please email it to me!!!!!!! (tri vers ity plus @ gmail . com)

Its another keepsake, another traditional book that you will want to keep for years to come! And again, I will be donating proceeds to charity – I’m just nutting out those details now!

So….. if you have a gorgeous photo from Xmas, or of your tree, or even just a super-fab summer photo (Kiwi Xmas and all!)…….. if you have a budding artist and would love to see your child’s artwork in print……. if you are a hobby artist/scrapbooker/painter/drawer and would like to see YOUR own work in print…… or you have any thing else to offer……… PLEASE let me know!!!! I would just love to print as many contributions as I can!!!

Babies can be involved…. use their handprints to create an Xmas tree! Google ‘Xmas Crafts’ and see what else you can do! Are you pregnant? Paint a Christmas star onto your belly and take a photo!

Email me your scanned artwork or photos or post them to me 🙂

I know there are awesomely talented budding artists out there and I want to support them…….. and I know there are many many many mums with beautiful Xmas photos from previous years…. so email them in and have them published!!!!!!


Here are the terms and conditions, it all sounds really scary but I guess its just to save my behind and all! As this is a charity project we wont be paying for contributions but will have a few prizes to give-away. Thank you for supporting The Motherhood Project! We will be publishing contributions in our book and also on our blog and Facebook page. You must own the copyright for any submissions you contribute. Please send them asap to the email above. You grant us full permission to use your photos/artwork as we see fit for this project. Please send high-quality images by email.


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