Being a mum is hard enough without doing it in a grey fog

Being a mum is hard enough without doing it in a grey fog….. and PND is a nasty robber of your ability to enjoy your precious family moments.

This week is PND Awareness Week.

One of the biggest aims of The Motherhood Project is to raise the topic of PND for discussion.

I believe if we can remove the stigma from this subject, then mums would be able to talk about it more freely, enabling them to access the support and information they need without feeling judged.


You can help
*Ask a new mum if she is ok. No, REALLY ok.
*Do something nice for a new family.
*Buy Motherhood Supermum Book and support the Perinatal Mental Health Trust NZ
*Talk about PND and remove the stigma



We’re all this together…. lets support each other xxx


Seeking help and support is important to get back onto the road to recovery, and to enjoy the parenting journey you are on!
PND is not an admission of failure. It is an illness that affects day to day activities and can interfere with relationships between mother and baby, mother and other children, mother and father.


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