Countdown to a Kiwi Christmas

Ok, pre-orders are now open and I am REALLY excited!!!!

This book is a labour of love. Its a small, A5 little number, with 60 pages.

It is PACKED with childrens artwork and photos, which gives it a really ‘cute’ factor (not to mention an awesome keepsake for those mama’s who contributed!)

It aso has:

*Christmas Carols
*A story
*craft ideas
*Homemade gift ideas
*Santa’s address for letters

It make an absolutely wonderful resource for these weeks/days leading up to Xmas, when preschool/kindy/school has finished. You’ll have plenty to do with the kids when you’re baking and crafting with ‘Countdown to a Kiwi Christmas’!!!

Some of the recipes include chocolate fudge, reindeer cookies, gingerbread tree cookies, christmas puddings (chocolate, of course!)

It also has ideas for making tree decorations (including salt dough) and some neat ideas for using hand and foot prints!

There are some really simple sentences for learner readers, and then the rhymes etc for the bigger kids. It is a neat book to sit down and read at bedtime!



The whole idea of this book is to raise money for some sick babes…. their families could do with a bit of extra cash this Christmas to pay some medical bills, travel costs etc.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE – lets teach our children compassion, empathy, love and hope xxx – all while spending quality time baking, crafting and reading together xxx

COUNTDOWN TO A KIWI CHRISTMAS is available for preorder now!!! The moment they arrive from the printers, they will be sent out……..

Each book costs $20 . . . please dig into your pockets and help me make a difference this Christmas!!!

Email to order xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx










The new book will be released for pre-orders this week and then posted in time for Xmas! It is a charity project and proceeds will be donated to some sick NZ kids and their families. This is your chance to make a REAL difference to those in need and teach your children that others are less of than them!
It is also a FANTASTIC chance to spend some neat time with the kids in the week before Xmas (ho…lidays!) because in addition to simple sentences for learner readers, the book has recipes for baking and gifts, plus craft ideas… poems and songs for evening storytime… and is packed with children’s artwork and photos!
Go and like Motherhood Supermum Book and be the first to pre-order this week, help me make a difference with a limited edition children’s book you will use year after year!!! xxx




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