Press Release (7 May, 2012)


If you captured your family in this moment, what would it show? Is this moment different to this time last year? Will your family still look the same next year?

Time passes quickly, and the baby you are holding now, will soon be off to explore the world on their own. That’s why it’s important to take family photos, and capture the memories and moments that make your family so special.

Ashlee Sturme, founder of The Motherhood Project, believes that its important to enjoy the early years of parenting, “because they pass so quickly!”

“Sometimes when you’re in the thick of sleep-deprivation, changing nappies, keeping up with washing, going to coffee group and well-child appointments, you lose sight of the fun of having a baby. You forget to stop and just enjoy what you have, to breathe in the scent of your baby and kiss their tiny toes. And next thing you have baby number two and three and even five… go back to work, maybe… and the kids are all growing and it’s too late!”

Ashlee started The Motherhood Project late last year to normalise these demands. “Society is telling us we can have it all, and that its glamorous. It’s not. Motherhood is demanding, exhausting, all-consuming, unbalancing… and its ok to feel crappy and overwhelmed sometimes. Its ok to ask for help. But more important than all of this, it’s really vital that you take stock of how lucky you are, how healthy your baby is, how beautiful your family has become.”

To remind parents of this, Ashlee has launched ‘National Family Photo Day’ for Sunday 27th May.

“So many families mean to get around to taking photos, but they never do. Sometimes it’s actually too late, and that’s very sad. National Family Photo Day is a reminder for us to stop and grab the camera, and head to the park. Or book a professional and enjoy the experience.”

To celebrate the day, Ashlee is building a directory of family photographers who are keen to be involved, and gathering prizes for a photo competition. “Check the directory for your local photography, many of them are offering specials for portrait sessions during the week of the 28th. Or grab your camera, gather the kids, head to the beach and get snapping!”  Full details will be posted on The Motherhood Projects website:


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