Choosing Baby Clothing (from the ARCHIVES)

From 2008:


DRESSING UP/ The washing basket/ Clothing

Walking through the baby shops can be so dangerous, I wonder whether there should be some signage or an indemnity form to sign first. All those wonderful, cute clothes are sooo tempting, it’s a wonder my credit card doesn’t ‘up and leave’!

And it may soon be possible that your little darling has a lovelier wardrobe than you do!!

There are a few things you may want to look for in baby clothes when you go on your shopping spree – print this page and take it with you!!

Fabrics to look for are cotton, merino and wool – all the natural fibres that are breathable, easy to wash and feel nice on baby’s skin. Polyester and polar fleece are not breathable, risking overheating and rashes.

Start with singlets – you’ll need at least 10. Lovely cotton ones will see you through all seasons – and because you probably wont see them, plain white ones are fine!!

You’ll also need as many all-in-ones! Depending on the season as to what kind – for summer, cotton are great, but in winter, consider wool (the easy wash kind!!). All-in-ones are the long tops that snap between the baby’s legs – they stop the top from hitching up and exposing a belly (more about cold than looks now, just wait till they are 16!!). Absolutely essential and definitely something your baby will wear every day!

Then you can layer your baby from this. As a very general rule, you baby will need one more layer than you.

it takes a few months for them to regulate their body temperature and you don’t want them to get cold. Likewise, overheating a baby can be dangerous.

However, in summer, your baby may be content in just a nappy, and in winter they may need sev4eral extra layers if you are going out. To check if they are warm enough, feel their tummy or the back of their neck. Sometimes cold hands and toes can be common so the neck is a good place to check instead J

Envelope necks, or necks with snaps at the side, allow you to easily dress your baby (remember they have large heads, out of proportion with their little body!). Clothing that snaps at the back is les practical.

All-in-one outfits or bodysuits are fantastic. They keep feet covered, backs warm and are a complete easy layer to get on and of. Most also snap open for easy nappy changing (and you’ll be doing this a few times a day!!).

Remember to go for the breathable fabrics!!

Polar fleece is made from recycled plastic bags, so in effect, dressing your baby in a suit of soft polar fleece is like wrapping them in a plastic bag – they wont be able to breathe! So save those pretty outfits for occasional going out rather than a whole/day night to ensure your baby doesn’t overheat.

Merino is a fantastic natural fabric that also keeps the body very warm. It is also low care. Baby clothing in merino is fantastic for winter, especially on colder nights!!

As a guide, your newborn baby will need:

10-12 singlets

10-12 all-in-ones

6 body suits for lazying at home

2 body suits for going out

2 other outfits (2 piece or bodysuits)

Hats, socks (stockings or pants with feet are best!) mittens and a jacket (a ‘snowsuit’ or sleeping bag with seatbelt holes are great for going out!’

This gives you 10 outfits (a baby may go through three or four on a bad day!) and gives you a lenience when it comes to washing!!


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