Donate to the Child Cancer Foundation!

Our chosen charity for our next project is the Child Cancer Foundation.

The Child Cancer Foundation offer support, financial help, and emotional support to children and their families in New Zealand. They run several programmes with beads. It is a non-profit charity –

I know too many children and families battling with cancer and this is why I wanted to help. I have followed the blogs of some families, and have shed many a tear for them… I cannot fathom the sheer enormity of the situation and these families are just amazing for demonstrating just strength.

I have no doubt there are moments where the strength gives way for them. The worry, helplessness, stress, anger and no doubt many other emotions must be very overwhelming.

I hope that The Motherhood Project can really make a difference – I have set our goal at $500.
This will buy a star:

Gift a Star of Courage
Make a $500 donation and gift a star to directly support a child’s cancer journey.
The Stars of Courage is a unique programme which will see each child diagnosed with cancer offered a dedicated star.
Each child will receive the name of their star, its coordinates in the sky and information on its constellation or grouping.  They can then visit any observatory in New Zealand and use the telescope to locate their star.
Money raised will help fund the $3 million required each year for child and family support services in New Zealand.

Not-so-secretly, I would just LOVE to be able to buy TWO stars…. but I think its good to start with a smaller goal 🙂

So…. I have given this a LOT of thought! And these are the 3 ways that I have come up with:

*I am going to cut all my hair! It is currently a little longer than shoulder length. I’ve never had short hair, and it terrifies me!
The beautiful Leigh at Inspired by You will be  donating her time to the cause and doing this for me in the last week of May.

*The Motherhood Project’s third book will be released! $2 from the sale of every book will be donated to the Child Cancer Foundation.

*National Family Photo Day (27th May) and subsequent photo competition – this will raise awareness of my project and hopefully fundraise even more $$!!

So I have a lot to organise in the coming weeks!

If you’re ready to show your support, please visit to donate

And sign up to our facebook page – – to keep up to date!


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