Taking Fabulous Pics of Baby Bumps

Your pregnancy is a very special time in your life and it is becoming increasingly common to preserve and celebrate the stage!
  • Cover your bed in a plain sheet or fluffy blanket and take some photos while laying on the bed, with no clothes on, covering your *bits* with careful placement of your legs and arms.
  • Try having one taken with your man, in black and white.
  • Try to avoid much light and use a lamp to cast glows on your curves.
  • Have a bubble bath and use the bubbles to cover your naked areas, leaving just your belly for the photo!
  • If you have other children, have them next to your bump! Have them kiss it, talk to the baby, rub your belly…!
  • Stand full-frontal to the camera and place your hands in the shape of a heart on your belly!
  • Stand side on and take monthly pictures for your journal.
  • Sit down with your legs crossed and cradle your belly in your hands.
  • Use a flower to lay across your belly.
  • Take a photo with your toddler kissing your bump.
  • Have your man stand behind you and place his hands on your tummy. Capture just the tummy area for the photo.
  • Float in a pool and take the photo of what is poking above water!
  • Stand on the beach in just a floaty sheet or sarong.
  • Paint your belly and take photos!

Try different camera settings with digital (sepia, black and white, fast and slow shutter etc) and different film with a film camera.

Search the internet for ideas and ask your friends what they did. Play around and try to feel radiant with your bump – after all, it wont be there long!!!


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