I’m shedding my HAIR!

Goodness, I cant believe I’ve committed!!

I AM GOING TO BE CUTTING ALL MY HAIR!!! For next weeks’ fundraiser for the Child Cancer Foundation!!!

Its something I have thought about doing for many years, but never had the courage to do. Last year I followed a blog of a women who went through cancer, and even with hardly any hair she looked absolutely beautiful. She inspired me to do it.

I really admire those who shave their hair, several of my friends did it early this year in the ‘Shave for a Cure’. That make me take the leap! I watched many other women comment on this, with words such as ‘oh you are so brave!’ and ‘i couldnt do it!’.

I think what is standing in the way is a bit of pride – and that’s not a bad thing! For many women, shaving their head is a big deal!!! So I thought cutting it is the next best thing – this is still huge!!! And it still raises money for cancer!

So next week, a school friend of mine has so very kindly offered to cut it all off for me!!

I asked her to help me because I thought if I could show other women that you can still look cool, yet help make a difference, I might be able to inspire others to do it!

PLEASE consider donating to my fundraiser! I am cutting of all my hair, ready for WINTER!!! – so please, skip the coffee tomorrow, and donate $3, or dig deep and pledge $1.

The bank account details are:

The Motherhood Project
06 0489 022221405

I will be buying/sponsoring beads for the ‘beads of courage’ programme that the foundation runs (unless we can make $500, then I’ll be buying a star!!)

Go on! Head over to your internet banking now and help me make a difference xxxxx

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