Happy LEGO Party!!!!

Our eldest turned 6 this week! I know for everyone, 5 is a big milestone, but for us, turning SIX was huge! We now ‘officially’ start our homeschooling journey. He no longer forms any resemblance to an infant/preschooler/baby. He is all child, all BIG boy, in body and mind, and that is both sad and exciting!!

To celebrate, we held a LEGO party!!

We sent out these lego-head invites to close family and friends…

The perfectionist in me wanted to draw the faces myself, but Mr to-be-6 was determined to do them himself (and rightly so!). They make me smile!

We held the party at a local park, because he really wanted a new scooter and to play at the skate bowl. I’ve never had a party out of our home before, I was suprised how easy it was!

I made lego-head-pops…

and made up lego-head blowers too! These were such a hit with the kids – amazing how the simple stuff captures them aye!?!?!

We served some of the food in lego containers, which were brand new and now make up his room decor!!!

I also bought a couple of new packs of lego, lego books, and DVDs, which again doubled as both decorations and presents.

Of course, the piece-de-resistance of every party is the cake! This has to be the easiest cake I’ve ever had to make for the kids birthdays!!! I’ll post up a tutorial next week 🙂

Those are also lego-brick chocolate slice in yellow!

Combined with traditional kiwi party foods (cherios, chip n dip, popcorn, pizza, sausage rolls, cookies, fruit kebabs etc) the spread looked fantastic and the child-of-honour was truely happy (mostly because he was allowed lemonade to drink, I suspect!!)

Each of the kids also got a goody bag, with lego crayons and a lego colouring book, balloons and chocolate. Very cute!

And he got his scooter. I have to say I’m stunned at how these things can cost so much, but even I can ride it and it is pretty fun!!!


Lego Party Printables (invites, colouring book, blowers and straw toppers) – http://blog.aussiepumpkinpatch.com/2011/03/lego-party-printables.html

Lego Crayons

Lego Containers


5 thoughts on “Happy LEGO Party!!!!

  1. I love it! Everything looks sensational! I might have to get on board with this idea soon… My 10 year old step-son still loves playing lego but I fear it will not last much longer. Maybe for his 11th birthday!

  2. Great party idea 🙂 I let the boys pick whatever theme they want for their birthdays and lego is a hit with Mr almost 5. So possibly a lego party, thanks for the ideas!!

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