Congratulations, John Kirwan!

John Kirwan is a hero in my book! He has stood up and respresented those in our society who are struggling, in being the face of depression and mental illness.

The stigma surrounding mental illness is appalling, and there is such a gap of understanding and empathy. At a time when people need the most love and support, there is little from society. Our country’s attitude of ‘harden up’ leaves those feeling most vunerable lost and alone in the shadows.

But John Kirwan became the face of mental illness and said, its ok, you’re normal, and there is help.

His face on our TV screens, his voice on the websites, his words in his book, all reach out to our nation. For those suffering, John Kirwan is a legend, a ‘friend’, someone who understands. For the rest, John Kirwan can be admired for his honesty, his vision for change and empathy.

In the Queen’s Birthday honors today, John Kirwan has been knighted – it is now SIR JOHN KIRWAN, and I think he deserves it so much!!!

I admire John Kirwan, and I look up to him. I want to help do for Perinatal Mental Health (PND) what John has done for mental health in NZ.

Because there is always support, and love, and understanding out there. We just have to make it more available xx


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