The Big Reveal

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to do this – my baby was sick and we ended up in hospital! All is well now, and four days later I am getting used to my short haircut!!!!

The lovely and beautiful Leigh so very kindly donated her time for this! I had emailed her the picture of the woman who inspired me so she knew what I was after! I had also emailed almost every contact I had to ask for sponsoship!!!


Then of course I grabbed the photo for a couple of before snaps!

I started to get quite nervous as the day approached! I was worried I wouldnt raise any money and I was a teensy bit worried about other peoples reactions, which I did hear a bit about! Most people seemed to miss the whole point of why I was doing this!!!!!!

But of course there was no backing out and the morning came!

Leigh began by hacking away my ponytail – wow!! After that, it was all on!!! She used a knife to cut, cut, cut and then it was done! Check out my profile now:

WOW WOW WOW! Another tick on the bucket list, some money raised!!

I havent felt the cold on my head but definetly on my neck! My wonderful grandmother recently knitted me a scarf that I have been enjoying!!!

So the bank account for the big cut stands at around $150 – see, every $1 does add up!!!

You can donate online by credit card at

Or internet banking direct credit to
The Motherhood Project 
06 0489 022221405

There are more photos on the facebook page – – and I’ll post some more later this week too!

In addition to raising some $$ I really wanted to be able to inspire someone else to do this too! Shaving your head is a massive deal, and I admire those who are brave enough to do it!!!
Cutting your hair off when its been long is also a big deal, and I think that it still represents the whole spirit of the fundraising! I have lost a lot of hair, but I feel ok about it since Leigh did such a fantastic job and I hope that maybe it can convince another lady to do the same!!!!


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