Etiquette, anyone?

So I think I have pretty decent manners – I say hello, excuse me, apologise if I knock someone accidently. I close my mouth when I am chewing, I say thank you if someone does something for me, and I am usually decently covered.

I actually researched etiquette when it was my birthday last year, because I wanted to invite my friends out for a night but I couldnt afford to shout everyone. SO I tried to find out the correct way to ask people to join me while also stating that it was ‘pay your own way’.

I think it is bad manners:
*to chew with your mouth open, or to talk with your mouth open
*to text while talking to someone (i.e use your phone when in the middle of a conversation)
*not to take your shoes of in someone elses home
*to butt into a conversation

I understand that everyone’s views are different – etiquette and manners are very much culture which varies.
My grandmother is appalled when you are asked to bring a plate, yet I have been bought up in a country where ‘bring a plate’ is normal, accepted, welcomed 🙂

But I think basic manners make you a lovely person, someone that others want to be around.

Yet lately I have been faced with situations where manners seem to have gone right out the window.

Not least of all, having given gifts, and then not being thanked!

Now gift-giving is a spectrum. Some people have a knack for giving thoughtless gifts (regardless of price), and others are talented at giving very meaningful and thoughtFUL gifts. It doesnt matter whether the gift costs nothing (or is even recycled, upcycled, repurposed or otherwise old!) or if cost a few hundred dollars – if it doesnt mean anything then it is worth nothing.
And so, if someone gives you a thoughtful gift, where they have spent time choosing something they think/hope you will like, and spent their time/money/energy preparing it for you and then wrapping it, doesnt that deserve a thank you?

I think so!

I thank someone the instant they give me the gift! I will usually phone/text/email/write later and thank them again, too!

So you can understand how miffed I have been lately when I have given gifts, and I have not had a single word of thanks, not an utterance of appreciation.

And then I went to this wedding, and I was appalled at the lack of etiquette here.








Does jeans and short black skirts and chunky boots, jandals, shorts and beach shoes…. match the grace and beauty of a wedding?



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