Motherhood In The News This Week!

Well it started with this image:




Isnt that just so beautiful! It is a gorgeous photo, lovely colours, beautiful smiles, and such lovely babies 🙂

Oh hang on a minute. A military uniform? Oh sin! How dare you breastfeed in uniform!Because that just makes breastfeeding wrong, doesnt it? Because we’d hate to see a policeofficer feeding her baby in uniform. And a pilot would be committing an offence breastfeeding in uniform in public?

NO! NO!! How come feeding your baby is so damn controversial? BREASTFEEDING is the absolute best thing a mother can do for her baby! She is responding to cues, to her baby’s needs… its just simply beautiful! And the hoo-ha surrounding this photo is an embarrasment to the military of the US – they should have supported these beautiful, brave mothers (or at the least, not commented at all! Dont make a big deal out of nothing!!).

Also this week in the media is some more warnings on the use of teething gels. I dont have a tube of bonjela on hand to check if it contains the ingredient benzocaine, which is said to cause very low and dangerous levels of oxygen in the blood.

I dont know if its an issue here in NZ at all.What I do think is that many parents try to over medicate their children, and ‘teething’ is a catch-all excuse for everything.

A nurse once told me that teething does not cause diarrahea or any range/plethora of medical issues that parents claim to the be the result of teething. And I have certainly never seen any of that either. In my four children –  red cheeks, lots of dribbling, chewing on toys/fingers etc were signs of teething. Grumpy miseable babes and screaming in the night. As were swollen gums, and sharp little white things cutting through (oh thats right, that IS the teeth!!). So if you are seeing other symptoms, maybe you should see a doctor for your child.

Also we saw some great pics of Anna Pacquin who is expecting!!!

Isn’t she lovely!!!!

Right, of to bed to cuddle my wee man (yep, its feeding time…. again!) Not a very big fan of his habit of slamming his face into mine in the middle of the night, as he demands a feed. I’m suprised he hasn’t yet broken my nose *ouch*. However the way he tucks his legs up into my stomach, curls his fingers into my top or hair, and the feel of his soft downy head against my lips… yup, I’m truely in love!!!!!!!


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