How to make Gravy

Those packet gravy things are expensive, and full of crap you dont need in your diet! Homemade gravy is sooooo cheap, much better for you (in my humble opinion of course!) and very easy to do!

It took me a few roasts to get the knack of this, but now I can whip up a gravy to suit any meal and I freeze it for a rick stock cube as well!

First you need those pan juices! Scrape them up, catch anything solid (good flavour!).

If you dont have much in the way of pan juice, add a little water in the last half hour of cooking, then use it to scrape the bottom of the oven dish. In this image I had the roast in the crockpot and thats why there is so much!
If you are lacking in solid bits, cut a bit of the roast if possible 🙂

Pour into a small saucepan, and put on a high heat. If you need to add water for volume, bear in mind you will need to add more flavour.

You will need some flavour:

(yup tiny fingers reaching for a toy!)









Salt, pepper, marmite, stock will all add flavour. I find a chicken gravy needs more flavour, so I use a sotck cube. Beef suits marmite. Salt and pepper jazz up all gravies!

Boil the hell out of the gravy so it reduces – you’re boiling away the fat 🙂 Reducing it also concentrates the flavour!

While this is happening, you’re steaming your greens, roasting your veges, letting your meat stand or breaking up a fight between the kids ;-P
In other words, keep an eye on it, but it doesnt need your full attention.

If you have lumpy bits and you dont like this (i.e if you have had to cut a small piece of your roast to get the flavour) use your stick blender to carefully puree the gravy until it is smooth.

When you are ready, mix a tablespoon of cornflour in a small amount of COLD water, mix well then pour into gravy. It will instantly thicken!

Add slowly because you dont want to add too much – just the amount to get the right consistency!

And voila – you’re done!

Once you’ve mastered this (and like I said, it can take a few tries) you’ll never go back to packet gravy again!!!!!

Freeze left over gravy in cubes and use for stock (or freeze in small containers for when you need gravy for steak, pasta etc). If you omit the salt, the frozen portions are great to use for mixing with baby food if you are weaning (and not BLW!).



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