Spring Cleaning – Part 2

After a few months of living indoors, Spring arrives and the sun comes out more, the temperature warms up… and everything feels a bit gluggy and sticky and damp!

Time for Spring Cleaning!

The first step to a good spring clean is to declutter – chuck out items that cause chaos in your home, and open spaces a little more.

Once you’ve unearthed the dust bunnies and long-lost slippers from under the beds, cleared the wardrobe of clothes that no longer fit, and salvaged 274 lost Lego pieces from under the couch, and then removed all of your “to throw” and “to donate” boxes from the home, have a think about how to make your home ‘Summer friendly.”

Do you enjoy easy indoor-outdoor flow? Is it time to move the lounge around so that you can take advantage of the sun? Can you move the beds in the bedrooms now that its not so important to be away from draughty windows? Moving around furniture is a very cheap and easy way to freshen up a room!

It is also time to put away winter items – store your winter blankets, coats and shoes, plus any heaters, dehumidifiers, electric blankets and other seasonal items.

Now it is time to clean!

Gather those supplies:
*lots of clothes and rags. Microfibre cloths are awesome – use different colours for different purposes – general, bathrooms, walls, windows etc.
*baking soda and vinegar, any other homemade cleaners, any other cleaners you use
*rubbish bags for stray items

Again, it is useful to work room by room, although for some jobs (such as curtains) it can be useful to move job-by-job.

Start by writing a master list of your house, room by room, and any jobs you need to do:

*clean walls and skirtings
*clean windows and sills
*clean curtains and nets
*clean ceilings
*clean ceiling fans, heaters
*dust any furniture and items on it
*wash blankets, sheets, and other linen
*replace pillows
*air mattresses and duvets
*spot clean stains and vacuum carpets
*mop floors
*scrub vanities, kitchen cupboards
*clean under and behind everything!!!

Using your list as a checklist will keep you on task and show you what fantastic progress you are making!!!!

As you are working around your home cleaning, be sure to throw away anything that you missed on your declutter.





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