Spring Cleaning = Part 3

Now that your home is decluttered and clean, it is time to finish it’s Spring make-over!

*Are you repainting? Painting even just one wall is a cost effective, fun and easy way to freshen up your home!

*Are you adding any other touches such as new cushion covers, rugs etc

*Have you bought and are implementing any new storage items?

*Are your new changes working for you? IF you have rearranged furniture but dont like it, now is the time to put it back

*Have you considered cleaning your carpets?

*If you are applying mould products (such as Mould Magic from Wendyl Nissen: http://www.wendylsgreengoddess.co.nz/product/mould-magic/) do this now.

*Spring Cleaning is the opportunity for cleaning all the items you dont do all the time. So dig out the leather cleaner and clean the couch! Take the dining suite outside and give it a good going over. Polish your kitchen appliances.

By now, I hope your home feels fresh and clean! Just one more part to go…. outside!!!


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