Spring Cleaning – Part 4!

Have you thought about Spring Cleaning outside now that your home is pristine?

*For a start, chuck out all the crap on the lawn! Broken toys, broken pegs, strange things, rubbish. It’s amazing what builds up around the back yard!!!

*Do the edges of your section and lawn. Sharp edges are aesthically pleasing – so use the spade to tidy the edges where your deck or paths meet the lawn. Use scissors or a weed trimmer to tidy around the fence lines.

*Spend some time contemplating whether the yard is meeting your needs and if you like and appreciate your garden. Plan any new changes (new vege garden, anyone?!).

*Bring out your summer furniture, give it a good scrub and lay it all out.

*Hire or borrow a waterblaster to clean outside toys, the decks and paths, and the house if needed.

*Prepare any new garden beds

*Weed out potted plants

*Plant some new flowers for you to appreciate your newly rejuvenated garden!!!



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