Activity: Paper Toys

Although this Summer has been strangely wet, I also like to have quiet inside activities for fine days too! Often we’re out and about in the morning so the kids need some quiet time in the afternoons … or, on really hot days, when it is far too hot to be outside playing, the kids need some inside activities!

I’ve just stumbled across some paper toys!!! We’re currently making a ship – will be back later with some pics of it!!

Paper toys just shout “awesome” to me!! Cheap (just the cost of printing from free downloads!), recyclable, imaginative… fun family time!

Here are a few free downloads for you to start your paper toy collection!!

Some fun papercraft over here!

This one has pegasus, little monsters, a deer, little elves…!

Since we’re making papercraft – what about this gorgeous pop-up card?

These gorgeous Delia and Ollie dolls are so yesteryear/vintage and a great (free) introduction to paper dolls for your child!!

*Paper Dolls
Every child should make a chain of paper dolls!

Here are some instructions if you need them!
(You can make boys, girls, skeletons and other versions too!)

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