Organising The Hallway


Our entranceway/hallway was a bit of a disaster. We had two coathooks and they were groaning with jackets, scarves, bags . . . even in the middle of summer. We had 6 peoples worth of shoes scattered at the doorway, making it a hazard to even get into our house!! We had no structure for the end of the day when we finished the preschool/school run.

So when I came across this pin on I thought it might just help our problems!


It was very easy to do! I went to Bunnings and bought some very cheap lengths of wood, which the kind man cut to length for me! I also bought the decorative top piece (see pic below) and had that cut to length. It cost less than $25. I had white paint and I had the hooks.

I simply nailed the boards in. Once they were fitted, I painted them, and the wall they encompassed.

Finally, I added the hooks, and when the paint had dried, I added the intials. I bought these from the lovely and talented Helen from Tinch – (

The rainbow is from Zora’s Rainbow (

The photo was taken by Carey Conn Photography ( and framed onto canvas by our local Kodak shop!










It is now a breeze for the kids to hang their coats and bags at the end of the day! On the opposite wall we have a set of hooks and our initials for Mummy and Daddy’s coats. It has really opened up our entranceway! Aside from one pair of shoes, everyone elses shoes have new homes… and this very quick ‘one afternoon’ project has made a massive difference to our entranceway!

You could make this any size to suit. I’m looking forward to painting the wall above it now! The whole hallway needs a repaint … maybe later in the year!!!


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