Co-sleeper from Cheeky Cherubs

Look what I have come across!!


Available from Cheeky Cherubs NZ


I believe that co-sleeping is the absolute best place for baby. Sometimes bedsharing doesn’t work for every family and a co-sleeper offers baby their own space while still keeping them close enough for you to help them settle, to feed, and to comfort!

This one is priced at $300 which is a fantastic price!! You wont need a bassinet or other cot either!!

Hmmm… I need another baby now *wink*!



One thought on “Co-sleeper from Cheeky Cherubs

  1. I co-slept quite a bit for the first 6 months. More from exhaustion that actual planning to. It was easier to just fall asleep with them and wake and feed with them right there etc.

    But I soon found that my own sleep suffered. I found it hard to be comfortable it. But I like this compromise almost. They are right there and yet I still would have my bed space IYKWIM.

    Love it.

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