Cluttered? Going TINY!

The idea of a Tiny House appeals to me…. a small house with not much in it – a simple life, not cluttered by physical STUFF.
I have often thought, when we are all frustrated by mess, clutter, bills, and a sense of drowning and that feeling that we aren’t getting anywhere… that we should sell up and live in a barn (we’re a family of 6!!). The bills would be reduced, we wouldn’t buy so much… it does appeal!!

For some, this living is a reality – they have downsized their life, their belongings and their homes, to build and live in a tiny house!


I have a friend whose mission in 2013 is to get closer to her own Tiny House for her and her family! She is writing a blog about it – –  I’m going to be watching with a lot of interest!

I am sure we could all learn a few things from this journey, even if you have no desire to downsize completely – some decluttering or living simply tips, perhaps?





2 thoughts on “Cluttered? Going TINY!

  1. I am feeling this way also Ashlee.

    We will be moving in approx 2 months and I am taking a very critical look around our things. Slowly bit by bit being more tough.

    Its going to be hard. But the reality is we will likely be in a smaller home with one less bedroom. stuff is going to have to go. 🙂

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