Battling the Breast

Aint that the truth, right?

Now I’ve stumbled across this article…
about whether society has gone too far in supporting breastfeeding.
As you know from my previous post, I feel that there isnt enough support and promotion of breastfeeding… and too much pandering about formula feeders.

The whole tacky ‘Breast is Best’ isnt going to change anything, we need a new tact… something more along the lines of ‘breast is first, breast is natural’. I dont know.

Anyway, I’m going to copy parts of the article here…

“Those who think that society has “gone too far” in supporting breastfeeding, that mothers who formula feed are demonised and breastfeeding mothers aren’t:

Show me the women who are losing their jobs for formula feeding.

Show me the women who are being kicked out of restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, childcare centres, and airplanes for formula feeding.

Show me the women who have been ordered to cease or interrupt formula feeding by family courts.

Show me the women who have been inappropriately ordered to stop formula feeding by doctors and child health care nurses because of concerns that the formula feeding is causing the baby to be too big, too small, too loud, too anything. Show me the Child Protection reports that ensue when mothers are sceptical and non-compliant with this uninformed “advice”.

Show me the people who, on seeing a bottle pulled out in a public place, will wrinkle their nose and say in disgust, “Are you going to do that here?”

Show me the people who won’t allow infant formula in an office fridge because it could be carrying disease.

Show me the people who insist that bottles of infant formula should be covered with a brown paper bag so as not to gross bystanders out.

Show me the people who insist that all bottle feeding should be covered with a blanket, you filthy sluts.

Show me the people who say that women who choose to bottle feed should just stay home until their child is drinking from a cup. They made their bed, so they should lie in it.

Show me the people who say that formula feeding shouldn’t be allowed in public because they don’t have time to explain such adult concepts to their children.

Show me the people who won’t allow formula feeding in an area because the area is designated “family friendly”.

Show me the mainstream media forums in which it’s just fine to call women “filthy”, “perverted”, “gross”, and “cow-like” because they formula feed.

Show me the documentaries on “Extreme Formula Feeding”, followed by an outpouring of public outrage about how those kids will be psychologically and sexually fucked up for life.

Show me all these things, and then we’ll talk.


(remember, the WHOLE article is here:

Does that getting you thinking a little differently???


2 thoughts on “Battling the Breast

  1. I’m of South Asian descent and find the “outrage” over public breast feeding in the USA to be extremely bizarre. I was born and raised in India and it is common to see moms breastfeeding there everywhere from public buses and other public transportation modes, to in the bizarre shops as they negotiate prices (or sell if they are a shop keeper) to in their homes if you go for a visit. Most of them cover up with the ends of their saris that drap over the upper portions of their bodies, but this is part of the sari, not something extra they carry for the purpose of covering up.

    Our culture revers, idealizes and romanticizes motherhood, perhaps a bit excessively, but that contributes to the respect and normalcy our public life gives to breast feeding moms.

    One of our most beloved deities, Krishna, is often depicted as a baby suckling his mother’s breast. Our female deities are depicted as “The Divine Mother” and much of our spiritual literature uses the metaphor of mother’s milk as metaphor for God’s nurturing love for her children.

    In the USA the breast seems to be used as a graphic metaphor for sexuality only and nothing else.

    It actually seems that Americans are affronted by the idea that the breast is a food and nurturing mechanism for infants.

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