A bounciful-bunny Easter Party!

Having an Easter party is a fun way to spend the long weekend of Easter!

Here are some of the things you can do:

*Boiled eggs – shell while warm and hold against a straw for a few moment. When you slice them, they’ll be in the shape of hearts!

*Make an Easter cake – a bunny, an egg, something else?! Decorate!

*Have the kids plan an Easter egg hunt for mum and dad!

*Decorate boiled eggs with food colouring

*Use eggs shells from all your eggy activities (and scrambled eggs for breakfast!) and crumble into several small bowls. Cover with paint or food colouring, and then dry. Use the dried and coloured shells to make collage pictures.

*Make and decorate Easter cupcakes.

*Ice colourful cookies

*Paint invitations for friends and family for your Easter party! We used the ends of celery of make the painted roses.

*Get out the craft supplies and make Easter hats!


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