I’m writing again!

I know its been a while – almost a year. That’s very sad!! So much has been happening in the ‘real world’ and I made the decision to focus on us, our family, and drop all my other projects. But I’m back, and I’m very excited!!

I’ve started freelancing again!! I’m working on lots of new writing projects with others! I’ve also got my own ideas that are gathering momentum too!!! Its no wonder that in the evenings, when I’m utterly exhausted and my body is begging sleep, that my poor mind is actively brainstorming!!!

I’m not the only one working here, either! All my projects are collaborative in some way, and I have my family and friends behind the scenes too! SO a shout out to them, for their time and support!!!

You’ll be meeting some of them further here at The Motherhood Project 🙂

So, I just wanted to raise my …er…. water glass… and say, “here is to 2014, here is to writing again!” Yay!!!!



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