Ministry of Lunchboxes

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There are many reasons why we started this page, but I wanted to offer parents lots of different ideas for lunchboxes! So many mums I know struggle to offer healthy and exciting lunchboxes without resorting to all the packet foods from the supermarket. I was also saddened when I looked at the lunchboxes other children had at school. Packet food offers no nutrition – its packed with additives, colours, flavours, sugars, salt etc – plus its expensive!!!! Likewise, even parents who thought they were trying were still missing the mark on healthy lunchboxes.

So last year we launched the page – several other mums are also admins – and we post up REAL lunchboxes of what we are feeding ourselves and our children!!!

Plus, we post up recipes, and other images we find on the internet for inspiration! Its so much fun seeing what other parents are making!

So when you make the lunchboxes up tomorrow, quickly snap a pic and upload it to our facebook page! We’d love to see it!!!!!!


To get you started, here is my recipe for rice tubs!



You can buy pottles of creamed rice in the supermarket, or you can easily make your own!

Simply make up a quantity of Golden Custard – I use the box (cheat!!!) and add custard powder to cold milk, heat gently while whisking, and then add a small amount of brown sugar. I never measure this, but I cook at least cups of milk. You can also use carton store-bought custard.
But here are two easy recipes I’ll be trying next week that are additive free!

In the meantime, cook rice. Obviously brown rice is more nutritious but we usually cook white rice for this dish. I cook 3 cups  to 4.5 cups water. (I usually make extra rice when we are having a rice dish for dinner, and then leave it to cool while we eat).


Combine the custard with the rice until well mixed. Divide between lidded pots (I use Tupperware snack cups) and freeze! This makes enough for me for a week or two at best, so I’ve never left them in the freezer any longer 🙂





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