AS: Autumn Activities

BW 1 March
BW 1 March


Since you’re not all lucky enough to live in the same paradise as I  😛

Here is a shortened version of my article of activities to do this Autumn!


Before winter sets in, be sure to tick of these 10 must-do’s with your family:

*Play in the rain: When the weather is warm but wet, go outside and play!!! Grab the gumboots and umbrellas to splash in puddles, or put on togs to make mudpies or a waterslide. The feeling of rain on your face is an essential life experience – take a moment to enjoy it with your children!
After, have a hot bath and make hot chocolates or popcorn!

*Wharf fishing: Check those tide times and grab a little bait! Throw your handmade lines over and see what you can bring in. Make a simple line with a hook and sinker, fishing line or string, and a small stick of driftwood.

*Have one last berry ice cream – or try making your own!!! Simply put 2 cups of frozen berries into your blender, and mix with two cups of vanilla ice cream. Pulse until well mixed and refreeze until firm.

*Hunt for bugs –Little insects and creatures appeal to children, and it’s a great way to teach them to respect nature! Carefully identify spiders, praying mantis, ladybirds, caterpillars, butterflies, bees, aphids, dragonflies and talk about their different characteristics. You can talk about the usefulness of bugs in the garden and to our ecosystem, identify dangerous bugs, and head to the library to answer any other questions.

*Go camping! Summer may be over but don’t put away the tent just yet! A mild Autumn evening is perfect for camping in the backyard – or for younger children, set the tent up indoors. Grab the flashlights and marshmallows and spend an evening telling stories, playing cards, and giggling.

*Try geocaching – the real world treasure hunt!!! You’ll need an iphone, GPS or other GPS –enabled device. Using to search our area, enter coordinates and find the hidden geocache. There are hundreds hidden in the Bay of Plenty! Sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original location, then see if you can find another.




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