Freezer Meals (for baby, working parents, or other busy times!)

Before the birth of my last baby, I prepared two weeks worth of freezer meals. This was different than prep I had done in my other pregnancies. Previously I had made soups, lasagnes, pies, stews and other freezable meals… but they’d failed because they did not defrost and reheat fast enough (you know, when you’ve forgotten about dinner until 5pm then desperately try to make a meal), or they were actually too hard to reheat (resulting in burning, loss of flavour etc).

So this time time was different. It cost a little in outlay and it also took a little over an hour in preparation time… but the results were amazing!

(I’ve been furiously searching my photo archives but I cant find anything!??! Sorry!)

Basically, I froze RAW ingredients in freezable bags. I took these out, popped them (bagless!!!!!!!!!) into the crockpot – and 8 hours later, dinner was done!!

It meant there was no fussing around defrosting and reheating. There was also no pressure to have ingredients in the house, no effort for my beloved when I was resting, and no need to rush to the supermarket or takeaways! PLUS the meals were soooo nice!! I have decided to do it again so that I can have bags ready this winter for when I wake up feeling blah or know I’m going to be out of the house all day!

Some of the meals I made up were:

*Chicken curry – chicken, potato cubes, all the spices/sauce
*Corned beef – the beef slab, cubed carrot, potato etc
*Chicken Casserole – chicken and a crockpot packet mixed with water, stock etc
*Lamb Chops – stock, chops, mixed frozen veges, tomato sauce, herbs and spices
*Bolognaise – mince, sauces, spices
*Meatballs – partially cooked meatballs, tomato sauce/spices
*Soup – bacon hock, chicken pieces, grated potato, kumera, carrot, chopped leek, celery etc
*Beef stew – beef pieces, beer, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrot, onion, stock
*Devilled sausages – sausages, apples, onion, stock/sauce

On each freezer bag I wrote what to serve with – noodles, mash, rice etc to make my man’s life easier!

Now obviously I didn’t invent this idea.. and I’m so unorganised, I haven’t got any fab photos to show you!!! But you can imagine that these bags don’t take up much room in the freezer at all!

Here are some links to some awesome meal ideas – crockpot freezer meals!





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