The Writer

Nearly 8 years ago I started my first company and set up a parenting website. I’d built up over 300 articles before I had to make the decision to pull the site (long story) in a dramatic and devastating blow!!!! It still upsets me (yes, I really must learn to let things go!!!!). Anyway, I still have most of the articles and thought I might upload some!

I also have several new clients and will be giving them their new articles over the next couple of weeks, in addition to my own column in our local paper *excited*!!!

So stay posted because I’ll post links to those, and upload the other articles … lots more reading for ya’ll!

While you’re reading, make yourself a hot chocolate using REAL ingredients!

I use raw milk, but if you can’t access it or don’t like it, the Farmhouse milk in the chiller (is it purple or silver????) is yum too.

Simply pour into a pot (I use a tiny little saucepan, they are all over Briscoes and The Wahrehouse at the moment, and are perfect for one cup!) and heat, then add in some real chocolate (Green and Blacks organic, or Lindt, or a dark block of Whittakers!). Mix until melted and then DRINK!!!!!!!

I picked up a REAL BOOK last night! Its been awhile (I got the book for Xmas!) since I read a book – I’ve been on kindle and I’ve spent a hideous amount of time on Facebook – and it felt sooooo good!! The book is “Love in the Afternoon” by Penny Vincenzi, who is one of my favourite authors, and it is a collection of her short stories and articles. It reminded me that I had started to put together a collection of MY articles a few years ago, I never finished the project! Maybe I should – it would have to be called ‘Volume 1’ because I am enjoying writing and know there will be hundreds more articles to come! It also occurred to me that I have never written a short story before, and I should give it a go to extend myself!!

Anyway, stay tuned for more writing!


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