Children’s Clothing Part 1: THE LOWDOWN

Clothing children can be a little bit of a mission.

In my experience, you can buy cheap clothing, but it doesn’t last or wear well and in fact can end up costing you more (usual ‘you get what you pay for’).

You can buy clothing at a mid-level range of $$, which sometimes lasts well and occasionally doesn’t, but its all pretty mainstream (your kid looks like every other kid on the playground).

You can opp-shop/garage sale and buy second-hand – you can come up trumps with some fab bargains but there is alot of doozy you have to search through!

Or you can fork out the big $$ for good quality clothing, which is not budget-friendly, or is a little frustrating when your children outgrow said expensive items quickly.


The more I am learning about clothing, the less happy I am. It appears that the ‘cheap’ clothing comes at quite a cost. The chemicals used in children’s clothing are insanely scary – (check out this!), not to mention the cheap labour/factory conditions in the manufacturing process. Factor in the environmental cost of shipping the clothing across the world, and it’s not a pretty environmental picture.

Not that expensive brands are exempt from any of this, of course! But if you have the money to spend, you may choose to put it towards organic manufacturers, makers of clothing that use natural fibres, or NZ made clothing.


So I’ve found a few options that I will be looking at seriously when next purchasing for my children’s wardrobes, and I’m going to share them with you this week!





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