Party: Ruby’s Jungle Birthday

A very special little girl called Ruby turned 6… and had a Welcome to the Jungle theme party! Happy Birthday, Ruby! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! 10170743_10152396939137780_5710957692474298924_n 1538853_10152396966912780_717039819302074519_n 1926888_10152396936452780_95742531982626426_n 1980403_10152396966102780_5087636677101911186_o 10156019_10152396935792780_5215878433156053939_nThe leopard pony was provided by Equi-Hire –

Cake was made by Mummy 🙂 – she coloured the coconut and added Jelly and the plastic animals – clever!


The vines from the ceiling were made with crepe paper ($2) and fake greenery ($2.5) – and the monkey was added! Simple yet so effective!


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