NL: Taking it one step at a time

As we go on the path to natural living, please remember to do one thing at a time… because too many changes makes it more likely for you to ‘fall over’ and give up!! Too many changes at once is daunting! So if we take it one step at a time, you can implement and get used to each new change, maintain it and then add the new one!!



The first step of every change is always to plan 🙂

I recommend grabbing a pretty notebook and having a brainstorming session:

*Why are you making changes? What do you hope to achieve?
*What is your budget? Do your changes have to fit into your current spend or do you have a buffer?

Consider your time vs budget vs goals, for this will determine whether you make soap from lye yourself, or buy bar soap to save time/money/sanity. Is eating organically less important to you than eliminating sugar? Or are both goals equally important? Is it important to have natural skincare or do you want to focus on household cleaners?

Can you prioritize your goals?

For me:
*Eliminating sugar and most wheat is very important.
*I want to our family to eat organically and mostly clean/whole foods
*I am prepared to make most meals, snacks, baking etc from scratch.
*Our new eating plan needs to fit into our current grocery bill because I have no buffer in our budget for the changes.
*Then I would like to focus on household cleaners.
*I am prepared to make all our cleaners
*I would like to ensure all our body products are natural. I would like to try making them but if this is not cost effective or quite difficult then I am prepared to buy these.

WOW! That is step one complete!!


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