I love Gobstopperz!!! (And I love giveaways!)




When our babe had a dummy, we used to have ten… and yet every bedtime was a struggle to find ONE!!! Every few days, Daddy would venture under the cot and come up triumphant with a handful of the coloured plastics!







Brooke started making Gobstopperz to stop babes (and mums!) losing their dummies. What a fab idea!!!!!! The blankets connect to buggy and car seat straps and then to the dummy (or other toy or teether) so they cant get lost/thrown away/fall and get dirty etc.









I’m delighted to be able to give one away this week, with special thanks to Brooke and her gorgeous business Gobstopperz, which she runs as part of Stella Baby. I adore some of her creations (www.stellababy.co.nz) which includes kids clothes and accessories.








To enter to win this gorgeous Gobstopperz with beautiful blue minky, simply enter here with Facebook: http://goo.gl/CYc3AA


Gobstopperz giveaway


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