Tiger Shake (For busy and breastfeeding mamas)

Okay, mama, I know some days you feel a little like you’re running on low. No time to stop in at the refuelling station for nap, hot meal and a bath (dreamy!!!!)… so whizz one of these shakes instead for a pick-me-up.

I have often used a tiger shake to boost milk supply during stressful periods or when I have been recovering from illness.


In a blender:

1 banana

2 Tblsp brewers yeast

1/2 cup of live yoghurt (that is, cultured acidophyllis yoghurt)

2 cups of milk OR

1 cup of milk + 1 cup of ice cream

Additional extras: any superfruits such as berries, 1 scoop complan, 2 tabslps milk powder, 1 teasp chia seeds, ice, cacao powder


Enjoy cold!


I also have started to give this to my daughter after her sports training with considerable results (she is no longer tired and grumpy all afternoon!).

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