The Power of Life, and Reproductive Rights

New beginnings, new endings….
The pregnancy test… those little blue lines.

For some, it is a relief. For others, scary.
Sometimes happy, sometimes horrified.


Sometimes, making the hardest, biggest decision in your life, as soon as those blue lines have lay a situation down before you.

Abortion. For it, or against it. Pro-life? Pro-choice?
Silly teenage girls who forgot to use protection?
Well…. I recently read that the majority of abortions are undertaken by mothers. Women who already have children.

Doesn’t that turn your thoughts around.

Menstruation, sex, pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage, abortion and contraception.

Woman troubles.
Women’s troubles.


Making the decision to have an abortion…… then going on to have children,.
Having children… then going on to have an abortion.


Does having an abortion affect the way you parent, when you have children later?
Does having an abortion after you have completed your family, make you a better mum?


Abortion shaped me as a mother. After all, I wouldn’t have my eldest, my peanut baby, if I hadn’t had the abortion. Circumstances were such that I made the decision. I live with it. I’m not particularly proud of it. I did not enjoy it. I say I wouldn’t do it again, although I know if I were in the same circumstances, I would.

I’ve completed my family. My children are beautiful souls, I see magic and miracles in them every single day. Babies are a gift.
I have seen many a friend struggle with infertility and baby loss.It seems so unfair.
And yet, I don’t want another baby. I’m finished. I’d do it again so that I could be a better mother to the children I have now.


What having an abortion in 1959 was like . . .

“The abortions are part of my own history”



Pregnancy and birth are not an easy journey. It’s not a period of your life, either. It is signing on to be a parent forever. That is a lot for a woman. She must become someone else. And if she isn’t ready… Pro life, or pro choice.

The biggest and most emotional choice, when faced with those little blue lines.

No one else has the right to make it for her.
Every woman should have the right to decide what happens in her life.




And I do believe that each abortion sits with the woman, as part of her history, forever.
For good, or for bad.

For a beginning, or for an ending.





I’m so excited to be a part of The Motherhood Project collaborative blog! My name is Vittoria and my writing is controversial, serious and thought-provoking! I have a wonderful husband and together we have a large family! I love being a mum and I believe our children are here to teach us!!!!!!!


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