I have been sitting here staring at a blank page for a while now. Thinking about something significant in my parenting journey to write about.

There are so many moments, lessons learnt. I can’t quite figure out which one is more important to talk about here. Some things are very big and heavy and possibly too much for my to write about on my first post here.

So I will start a little simply.


I want to raise children who are kind, generous of spirit, prepared to go the extra mile to do good in the world.

I say sometimes that kindness in my religion.

I am certainly human and have days I am less giving than others. I have days where people annoy me and I can’t get past how annoyed I am. BUT I have found many ways to incorporate kindness in my life and in turn in my children’s.

I actively seek out little ways my children can do RAK’s or be in the position to give. Because they get the same high I get from it.

Doing good in the world is addictive I tell you.

But I am now myself also seeking ways to make a difference in the community around me.

Mostly in my children’s school community. Some if it’s just ideas in my head at the moment but over time I am sure I will share.


But I wanted to list things we have done or do still that I think helped my children and I be more giving and kind.

  • Always thank the bus driver. Always.
  • Wish people who serve you a good day and look them in the eye and smile while thanking them.
  • Buy coffee vouchers from a coffee shop (we did Starbucks as my kids love their juices and iced chocolates) leave them with the cashier and ask her to assign them to the next so many patrons. (I did this on my birthday a couple of years ago for the first time).
  • Same as above but give the vouchers to your children to gift to people they think need a little love (we did this on Christmas eve last year).
  • Take change uptown with you and look for parking meters that need change as you walk around.
  • Take baking into your school’s staff room with a note from your children.
  • Give baking to teachers or families you like or even just randomly.
  • On my children’s birthdays I take in cupcakes for them to share with their class and staff they choose, they love walking around knocking on classrooms offering staff the cupcakes. Biggest high for them ever. My son whom is now at high school prefers I pack cookies for him now so I don’t have to go in.. yes it is a bit shame for mums to come in at that age).
  • On Christmas eve we make little packages of treats up and doorbell ditch them with wee cards.
  • We took baking to the firehouse recently, and plan to do the police station and the library next.
  • We take a plastic bag to the part with us , or when out for a walk and collect rubbish while we are out.
  • We now through the bookcrossing website release books into the wild. Sadly none have been registered by whoever took them yet which has made us a bit sad but we are still hoping.
  • Our school is low decile and are lucky to have fruit for schools and sandwich ingredients provided for kids who have no lunch. If your children’s school has these things in place offer to help with them. I did sandwiches last year and it really opened my eyes up to how many kids didn’t have lunch.
  • Talk to your kids about this. I have told my kids to always make sure they eat lunch as I don’t want them going hungry (as one child was giving away most of her lunch) but yes if a child has no lunch share your sandwiches or baking with them if they notice the need.
  • We regularly clear out cupboards and “stuff” we do often on sell things but also box up stuff for local charity shops (never save mart) as I think our old things can do more good via those shops.
  • Good deeds in your family. I openly try to do good deeds for extended family. But also within the home. Now my kids do these for each other (between fights, let’s be real here). Kind notes. Little treats for each other etc. It is beautiful to see.
  • Leave kind comments on blog posts you really enjoyed. Bloggers really do appreciate them.
  • Compliment people. It feels weird to start with but it can really make people smile.

I am sure I will remember heaps more once i have pushed publish.

doorbell ditch doorbell dtiching doorbellditch

(These pics are of the kids doorbell ditching on a Christmas eve)


But. Kindness. Random and otherwise.

Children learn to be kind by seeing it around them. They mimic you. So if you go out of your way to help people in turn your children will too.

Embracing kindness and making it a daily goal has improved my parenting. My children love coming up with ways to help others and they go out of their way to see a need.

I encourage you to be a little kinder this coming week.

As I tell my kiddos… “You will never regret being to kind”.


I would love to hear things your family does to teach and demonstrate kindness.




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