No-Spend February: Let’s work out what you are spending!

Sometimes it is helpful to look back at what you are spending.

For instance, we regularly go back and compare our previous power bills with our current ones (oh my, the price of power!!).

But sometimes, it is definitely better to face forward and look ahead, than dwell on might-have-been’s.

So this month, we’re going to move forward. So forget feeling guilty over your Christmas spending, your holiday frivolity, the past.

This month, we’re going to record all of our spending. It is a great time to do it, because we’re focusing on only buying what we NEED and must have, so we’re already trying to be very conscious of every time we pay for something.

Print out a form, create a spreadsheet, or throw a notebook in your bag – and write down EVERYTHING you pay for this month!

Here is a printable you can use!



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