Here we go again….

Its been a year since we were active on TMP! If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know we’ve been busy posting articles and memes on depression, anxiety, parenting, our world, and some cutesies for a laugh too!

But here we have been quiet, and that’s because life became overwhelming for all of us admins again. We had issues with the kids, health issues ourselves, family issues, and of course, mental health issues. Something always has to give, and its far better we prioritise our balls and drop those that are less important.

Because sometimes life is really that difficult that just getting out of bed is a mission. Feeding the kids becomes a mammoth task requiring far more energy than we feel we have. Laundry becomes so unachieveable that we take a long look at that mountain of washing and lay on the couch instead.

And some days are better than that, of course! But when it comes to 8pm and we’re feeling empty… well, our blog doesn’t really feature on the list!

So there ya go! We’re working on coming back.

The exciting thing is we never stopped writing, so stay tuned for some great gems to come. I think its a little bit cool that some of my best pieces of writing come when I am in a dark place – a tiny positive in the bad patch?!?




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