Popping Popcorn (lunchbox snacks)

Microwave popcorn bags are lined with chemicals! I tried to pop the popcorn in a brown paper bag, and it worked, but it was quite easy to burn. I have found that going to the stove is not only quick and easy, its trouble-free!

Simply heat a little oil in a small saucepan on high heat. Make sure the oil coats the bottom of the pan (I use rice bran as it has a high smoke point).

Sprinkle over popcorn so there is one single layer on the pan. Put on the lid.

Shake the pot every 20-30 seconds so that the popcorn will not burn. It will slowly build up and then pop furiously for a few minutes – as soon as it begins to slow, turn of the heat! It is easy to burn if you leave it too long!

Pour over melted butter or sprinkle salt or icing sugar, try shaking over a little paprika or cinnamon, or leave it plain (which is what I do!).

It stores well in a sealed plastic container, so make it up to last the week of lunchboxes!


Lunchboxes are pretty full-on! I think I had in my head that i wouldnt need to make them until the kids went to school, but of course thats not the case!
Preschool, kindy, playcentre, play dates – even just a day out – you have to get good at this task because you do it so often!

Much like dinner, it is very frustrating when lunchboxes come back uneaten! Keep your lunchbox appetizing by changing things around – marmite sandwiches will only serve you for so long!


A good lunchbox should contain some protein to keep the kids full all day, some carbs for energy, and lots of fruit.

*Hard boiled eggs,
*Cheese cubes
*leftovers, such as macaroni and cheese, mini meatballs or mini meatloaves, ham quiche, homemade pizza
*Cheese and crackers
*A cake or muffin, filled with fruit/vege
*Biscuit, slice or other sweet treat
*Tinned tuna with crackers
*Pikelets, scones, sandwiches, wraps, pita’s etc
*lots of fruit – mandarins, apples, banana’s, kiwifruit, tinned fruit, pears, oranges – whatever is in easy – add lots of colour and variety!

Pop an ice block into the lunchbox or freeze the water. Remember to be food-safe with meats and dairy!

Need recipes to jazz up your lunchboxes?

Quesadilla’s chocolate chip cookies, sausage rolls, apricot weetbix slice, mini-pizza’s, pikelets, cheese muffins, jelly cups and pear cake are all fabulous recipes in the new Mammazine: call me mum! book from The Motherhood Project! You can buy it from felt – http://felt.co.nz/shop/motherhood