Children’s Clothing Part 4: Accessorise!

There are beautiful accessories out there, from photo props to stunning hats!

xspillybibs – for gorgeous bibs

Never mind my daughter, I want one of these gorgeous headbands for myself!! Hook Chain and Stitch also make beautiful character hats including Spongebob, Ninja Turtles, Minions, Spiderman, dinosaurs, Sesame St and Winnie the Pooh:


Meys Made has gorgeous handmade clips, purses, hats and more from newborn to age 6! and

Perfect Poppet Creations has beautiful handmade shoes and other accessories!


Children s Clothing Part 3: Dressmaker, dressmaker, make me a dress!

I’m sure your mum/grandmother can tell you stories about making clothes themselves – a skill that is becoming rare! It makes sense to outsource many home skills for progress (we couldn’t expect working mums to also be crafting cupcakes every day and sewing clothes and crocheting tablecloths and growing expansive gardens…!) and yet I also feel sad that I cannot sew or knit (yet!). However, the owners of these businesses CAN! They’re mumpreneurs who have a talent, and they’ve turned it into a hobby or business making children’s clothing! Supporting NZ local businesses is a passion of mine – I would far rather be dressing my babes in homemade clothes than the chain store stuff! If you do too, check out some of these fab online shops for your children’s clothes!   pixieLittle Pixies Closet makes Pjs, dresses and matching dolls outfits, bibs, baby clothing, toys and other sewn goodies!

Merino Clothing for children from newborn to age 7. Hoodies, tops, singlets, leggings and beanies.

Lily Grace makes beautiful dresses, skirts and pants for little girls. and

Les Pommes Rouges Creations makes gorgeous



Betsy&Fred have skirts, dresses, ragdolls, purses and other treats! and

The RubyLou Shop has gorgeous pants from birth to age 5!

Toast Clothing has beautiful upcycled items for younger babes, as well as gorgeous brooches for mum. She wraps all parcels beautifully too!

CoochyCoo for NZ made merino! and

Beautiful clothing and accessories and

Arlie Girl makes gorgeous pants – if only they came in my size!!

Little Fae Handmade have beautiful little dresses!!!











Children’s Clothing Part 2: Second-Hand

Sara from Little Poppets knows how frustrating it is to find nice and affordable clothing for children, so she came up with a novel idea… and developed Little Poppets Preloved Clothing store – an online second-hand clothing boutique!

Combining second-hand shopping with online shopping is just pure genius!!!Good quality, excellent condition, amazing prices, easy to use – what’s not to love?!


The website is delightful and easy to use! All clothing is listed by age group, its easy to add to shopping cart, to pay (paypal)  – the function is fantastic!

But what about the quality? Sara has a 5-step process to ensure clothing is in top-notch condition, so you know you are buying clothing that is in excellent condition with no rips, stains or excessive wear!

I used Little Poppets, selected a few gorgeous items from Maternity, Girls and Baby… and they arrived on the courier just two days later! Oh the excitement!! The items were in fantastic condition and the prices for them were amazing! For $48, I received 5 items – and every order over $30 is delivered for free – that is unbeatable!

The very exciting thing about this online store is that is forms a cycle – you can also sell your outgrown  clothing BACK to Little Poppets!!! Request a courier bag, fill it with your freshly washed, clean and good quality clothing. Your items will be listed, and when sold, you’ll get some $$$ (or store credit!).

Washing helps eliminate some of the nasty chemicals in clothing, not to mention buying second-hand is ‘reusing’ and thus reducing waste – so second-hand wardrobe shopping is great on the environment!

Investing in good quality clothing is also good for your wallet. Rather than spending $10 on a cheap top that you get 5 wears from before it becomes holey and stretched, spend $20 on a top that you get 20 wears out of (and even then still looks great! EVEN BETTER, buy the quality at second-hand prices and get even more value for your dollars!


My conclusion: Little Poppets preloved clothing store is a god-send for busy budget-stretched parents! You can quickly and easily order items of clothing and have it delivered, at such a fantastic price. You can then sell your items easily and either make a little cash or earn store credit to get more clothing! I’m in love!



Children’s Clothing Part 1: THE LOWDOWN

Clothing children can be a little bit of a mission.

In my experience, you can buy cheap clothing, but it doesn’t last or wear well and in fact can end up costing you more (usual ‘you get what you pay for’).

You can buy clothing at a mid-level range of $$, which sometimes lasts well and occasionally doesn’t, but its all pretty mainstream (your kid looks like every other kid on the playground).

You can opp-shop/garage sale and buy second-hand – you can come up trumps with some fab bargains but there is alot of doozy you have to search through!

Or you can fork out the big $$ for good quality clothing, which is not budget-friendly, or is a little frustrating when your children outgrow said expensive items quickly.


The more I am learning about clothing, the less happy I am. It appears that the ‘cheap’ clothing comes at quite a cost. The chemicals used in children’s clothing are insanely scary – (check out this!), not to mention the cheap labour/factory conditions in the manufacturing process. Factor in the environmental cost of shipping the clothing across the world, and it’s not a pretty environmental picture.

Not that expensive brands are exempt from any of this, of course! But if you have the money to spend, you may choose to put it towards organic manufacturers, makers of clothing that use natural fibres, or NZ made clothing.


So I’ve found a few options that I will be looking at seriously when next purchasing for my children’s wardrobes, and I’m going to share them with you this week!