The Big Swell: Menstrual Cloth

This week I added a new post over at The Big Swell on choosing cloth.



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I wrote a bit about menstrual cloth:

“Modern cloth menstrual pads are completely different to the rags of previous days. Today they are made of breathable cotton, bamboo or hemp, with PUL lining. They are shaped to fit, are thin yet absorbent, and are fitted with snaps that allow the pad to be positioned and adjusted. Cloth pads are easy to wash and dry. They are no longer bulky or scrunch up, and many women report less thrush and other irritations when using cloth.

Cloth isn’t the only alternative. Toxic Shock Syndrome is highly associated with the use of tampons, yet a menstrual cup is not. That is enough for many woman to try using a small silicone cup that sits just inside them. A menstrual cup is another reusable product that is easy to wash, sterilise and store. It takes a couple of cycles to get used to, but many women swear by a menstrual cup for easing period pain.”


Ecodeals currently has 25% off if you’re looking at investing now. My favourite supplier is Ecomoon  – Keela has gorgeous quality pads 🙂 –