Introducing ‘Mammazine: call me mum!’

Mammazine Issue 1

If you liked Motherhood: In My Kitchen, you’re going to love this! And if you’re new to The Motherhood Project’s books, then I hope you will take a leap and try this one!!

Mammazine: call me mum! – is just what you need this winter! Chuck it beside the bed on on the coffee table – read snippets, grab a pen and add to it, and read some food for thought!

Meet some prem babies, and learn more about milk sharing. Plan your winter meals and make some fabulous hearty breakfasts for your family! Learn about what the world of autism means for mothers, and find some old-fashioned tips for battling colds. There are also articles on parenting styles, placenta’s, baby showers, peaceful mealtimes and behaviour in young kids, plus poems, recipes, birth stories, puzzles and more!

There is a focus on gentle attachment parenting – meeting your needs and those of your children to create happy families! The theme of the book is becoming a mother – capturing that amazing transition!!!!

Preorders are now open – secure your copy at !

The book looks gorgeous – it is filled with lovely photos donated by the photographers who participated in National Family Photo Day. There will be a limited number of copies printed, so dont delay – grab your copy!

PLUS you’ll be contributing towards our Child Cancer Foundation fundraiser – $5 from the sale of every book is donated!!!!

Yay!!!!!!! Its been awhile coming but its worth it!!!!!
(it was late getting to the printers because I kept adding to it!!! Estimated dispatch date is 15 June)

National Family Photo Day – Photo Comp!

Did you have a lovely National Family Photo Day?

I know some were bathed in cloud with rain, while others in the country basked in sunshine! Perfect for taking photos LOL.

If you have some gorgeous family photos – its time to do something with them!

The first thing is to pick your best one or two, and email them to, because I have a great handful of prizes here that I would LOVE to give away!

YUP – I’m giving away treats and prizes to thank you for supporting National Family Photo Day!!!!

IF YOU HAVENT YET TAKEN YOUR PHOTO – its not too late!!!

All of the photographers supporting The Motherhood Project and National Family Photo Day can take your photos this week – give them a buzz and make the most of this opportunity!!


Email me your shots, and make sure you state where you live in our beautiful country!

If you didnt take the photo, you need to make sure you have permission from the photographer.

It’s not a competition or a popularity contest – I just want to send prizes to those whose photos make me gasp with wonder, laugh with silliness or cry with sheer overwhelming beauty! In other words, every photo is eligable! It just needs to have been taken in the month between 3 May and 3 June 2012 – thats it!!

I would LOVE to see all those gorgeous family photos – intergenerational, mums, dads and babies….

But I know family photos are also about the indivudals, so be sure to send them in too!!!!!!!!!!

And if you are a photographer – send in your work! I’d love to showcase it (and promote your business!) so send in those family snaps!

The small print reads like thus: by sending me your photo, you are acknowledging that you hold the copyright for the photograph or that you have the full permission of the photographer. you understand that I may post the photos on our The Motherhood Project facebook page or here on our blog. (I may ask to use photos in my books but I will ask you first!). The photo has been taken between 3 May and 3 June. Hmmm… thats about it? Oh yeah, it’s not really a competition, it has nothing to do with facebook or wordpress…. its just an awesome sharing the love giveaway by The Motherhood Project!

We have to mention where our prizes have come from, so I will be shouting out to these fantastic generous businesses this week – today we start with the very generous (love that shop – totally addictive for all crafts!)….. Briar Elisabeth Photography (beautiful photos!)….. thanks so much for your support xxxxxx

And a very big thank you to all the photographers who have lended their support as well – thank you for taking a leap of faith – lets make this an annual and make it even bigger next year!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m shedding my HAIR!

Goodness, I cant believe I’ve committed!!

I AM GOING TO BE CUTTING ALL MY HAIR!!! For next weeks’ fundraiser for the Child Cancer Foundation!!!

Its something I have thought about doing for many years, but never had the courage to do. Last year I followed a blog of a women who went through cancer, and even with hardly any hair she looked absolutely beautiful. She inspired me to do it.

I really admire those who shave their hair, several of my friends did it early this year in the ‘Shave for a Cure’. That make me take the leap! I watched many other women comment on this, with words such as ‘oh you are so brave!’ and ‘i couldnt do it!’.

I think what is standing in the way is a bit of pride – and that’s not a bad thing! For many women, shaving their head is a big deal!!! So I thought cutting it is the next best thing – this is still huge!!! And it still raises money for cancer!

So next week, a school friend of mine has so very kindly offered to cut it all off for me!!

I asked her to help me because I thought if I could show other women that you can still look cool, yet help make a difference, I might be able to inspire others to do it!

PLEASE consider donating to my fundraiser! I am cutting of all my hair, ready for WINTER!!! – so please, skip the coffee tomorrow, and donate $3, or dig deep and pledge $1.

The bank account details are:

The Motherhood Project
06 0489 022221405

I will be buying/sponsoring beads for the ‘beads of courage’ programme that the foundation runs (unless we can make $500, then I’ll be buying a star!!)

Go on! Head over to your internet banking now and help me make a difference xxxxx

Donate to the Child Cancer Foundation!

Our chosen charity for our next project is the Child Cancer Foundation.

The Child Cancer Foundation offer support, financial help, and emotional support to children and their families in New Zealand. They run several programmes with beads. It is a non-profit charity –

I know too many children and families battling with cancer and this is why I wanted to help. I have followed the blogs of some families, and have shed many a tear for them… I cannot fathom the sheer enormity of the situation and these families are just amazing for demonstrating just strength.

I have no doubt there are moments where the strength gives way for them. The worry, helplessness, stress, anger and no doubt many other emotions must be very overwhelming.

I hope that The Motherhood Project can really make a difference – I have set our goal at $500.
This will buy a star:

Gift a Star of Courage
Make a $500 donation and gift a star to directly support a child’s cancer journey.
The Stars of Courage is a unique programme which will see each child diagnosed with cancer offered a dedicated star.
Each child will receive the name of their star, its coordinates in the sky and information on its constellation or grouping.  They can then visit any observatory in New Zealand and use the telescope to locate their star.
Money raised will help fund the $3 million required each year for child and family support services in New Zealand.

Not-so-secretly, I would just LOVE to be able to buy TWO stars…. but I think its good to start with a smaller goal 🙂

So…. I have given this a LOT of thought! And these are the 3 ways that I have come up with:

*I am going to cut all my hair! It is currently a little longer than shoulder length. I’ve never had short hair, and it terrifies me!
The beautiful Leigh at Inspired by You will be  donating her time to the cause and doing this for me in the last week of May.

*The Motherhood Project’s third book will be released! $2 from the sale of every book will be donated to the Child Cancer Foundation.

*National Family Photo Day (27th May) and subsequent photo competition – this will raise awareness of my project and hopefully fundraise even more $$!!

So I have a lot to organise in the coming weeks!

If you’re ready to show your support, please visit to donate

And sign up to our facebook page – – to keep up to date!