Let’s Talk About: Angel Gowns

It’s happening all over the world, but one NZ woman is bringing Angel Gowns to NZ! Its a service that is bittersweet – a beautiful recycling with stunning fabrics… for a very sad cause.

Angel babies have sadly lost their life, and though nothing can make up for the tragedy nor ease the pain for the family, angel gowns can make a tiny difference at a very hard time. Angel Gowns are tiny little baby outfits made/upcycled from wedding dresses.

Michelle in Seattle started Angel Gowns after working in a neonatal care unit and supporting many angel baby families. She wanted to do something meaningful with her gown, and remaking it into gowns for angel babies was her way to help.

There are other angel gown organisations around the world, quietly reworking beautiful lace, satin, silk and tulle into tiny little dresses.

Hamilton Midwife Kirstin Rouse set up the New Zealand version with a Facebook Page. She has used the umbrella of Angel Gowns after making contact with other internationsl branches and they have supported her in the start-up in NZ and provided the patterns needed.

In just over a week, Kirstin has had amazing support. “I have offers of monetary donations, which I have declined, I would prefer if people had lace, cottons, ribbons, things about the house that thy think would make a gown pretty, as well as gowns. In the next few weeks I will be asking for offers of sewers, lots of people have offered already, but as this only started this week we aren’t quite up to the sewing stage. I will then need people all over the country to be distributors. I have had people offer to knit little hats and blankets, and a woman offering to cross stitch little pictures to go with the gowns. The response had been incredible!!”


One of the women who has donated her dress, Pauline Hickman, said on the Facebook page yesterday, “Absolutely beautiful (:-))gives me warm fuzzies knowing that such beautiful gowns can be made using my dress, thank you to the very talented ladies making these fantastic gowns for the precious angels”

In return, a mother who was gifted a gown wrote on the page, “Today at 6pm I said goodbye to my angel 10 yrs ago. 10 1/2 hrs after his birth. He is a twin. His brother is celebrating his 10th birthday today. (And has had an awesome day). However as a mum the day will always be bitter sweet. The gift u give to parents going through such difficult times is special and needed. The nurses and support we had was amazing then. Thank you. I will b sending you my wedding dress once out of storage as sadly there will be more parents that will become part of a club we all wish we never were. A parent knowing the heartache of loss too soon. Be at peace Will.” – from Lisa Litton – very special thoughts to Lisa and her family xxx

If you have a gown that you would consider donating, or you have sewing skills, or any other support to offer, contact Kirstin through her Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/angelgownsnz or below:

Hi Everyone
Thank you so much!
Our address is angel gowns nz, 15 Galloway street, Hamilton east, 3216. Gowns can either be dropped in or posted. Please make sure to add your name to the parcel, and if you would like us to share a wedding photo please send one through. Thank you!!
We couldn’t do this without people like you!

Introducing: Imagination Doors

When the fairies come to play…. and goblins make magic…. and pixies leave special treats…


Ooooh, the wonder of childhood – the amazing imaginations that allow children to believe in things that we cant see – because seeing is not always believing!!

I decided to inject a little magic into our home. We’d become caught into a bit of a negative space, as happens every now and then. I dont know about you, but occasionally we all feel a bit timag1ired and run down, mama and papa feel stressed, the kids might be a bit of colour or extra busy at school… and it feels like we’re all fighting, yelling and just ‘surviving’. Anyway, this happened at the end of this Summer and I was keen to bring fun back to our family.

I have had a desire for a fairy door for sometime! I have ‘liked’ Imagination doors on facebook (www.facebook.com/imaginationfairydoors) and one popped up that appealed to me!!!! It was one directed at the interests of our boys, though, so I requested a pixie door be made in softer colours to appeal to me (i’m a real pink lover!) and my daughter.

Imagination Doors makes most doors to order – so you tell them the colour, style, little token on the door etc… and this talented couple gets busy! You don’t pay until you have seen the amazing creation they have come up with!

Soooo…. one day these doors appeared into our house!! I used blu tack to attach them (I ran out of Command strips!). One is located above our front door, and the other is above an internal door (I had put them lower but I know my children have sticky fingers 😛 !!).
The kids, when they noticed, were buzzing with excitement! A few days later, ‘snow’ appeared around both doors. And they may or may not find lollipops attached to the doors tomorrow morning 🙂

I had initially hoped to use the doors to introduce rewards for special achievements (like the Principals Award one child received last week, or when a child masters a tricky spelling word, or a child makes their bed without being asked). But without a doubt, the concept of magic needs no prerequisite, no task or chore, no conditions…. and so I have abandoned that idea, and intend to invoke a little magic whenever we need a boost in our family… and sometimes it might just be at a celebration of achievement, because after all… those fairies are watching!!!


http://www.imaginationdoors.co.nz – (and http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/capital-life/9143798/Fairy-doors-find-big-market)