Review of Baby sleeping wraps (from the ARCHIVES)

(An article from 2011)

I never used easy fitted wraps with the earlier babes, partly because my cotton and muslin wraps worked, and partly because I thought they were ‘wrapping for dummies’ who couldnt get how to wrap with a basic square cotton piece!

But with this baby, I have purchased 3. I found that with a big baby, he unwrapped rather easily with a muslin wrap. I had a scare one night when I woke to find his face covered and the wrap around his neck. I found the thicker cotton ones too hot in this heat for day use. SO  I surrended and bought some fitted wraps, and this is how I found them. 🙂

ergo Cocoon
Gorgeous organic stretch cotton zipped wrap for very easy swaddling!!

This one arrived on the overnight courier from The Sleep Store (, $36.95) I fell in love with the organic cotton and the natural, un-dyed colour – very nice.
It is very easy to put baby into, as it is just a zippered sleeping bag. The arm sleeves have snaps on them to keep them closed to swaddling, and then you can undo it for a sleeping bag, even allowing one arm out and then two to wean from swaddling. This design also allows baby to hold hands and move their hands where they wish while also containing the startle reflex. The double-ended zip allows you to open the bottom for ai-flow on hot days.
It comes in two sizes, and I got the larger size for my 4 week old baby. However I have found it is quite tight around the neck. It also rides up a little bit. It is not adaptable for the car unless the arms are out.
It is a perfect fabric for summer swaddling, even on these amazing hot days!!! I pop him in with just a nappy and he is safe, swaddled, covered (from bugs!) and very content 🙂

Thumb The Miracle Blanket swaddling wrap

This one also came from The Sleep Store (, $39.95) and consists of two sets of ‘wings’ that wrap the arms and then the whole body. I also bought the natural undyed colour and I love the stretchy cotton fabric which is very soft.
You lay baby on the wrap, and then use the first set of wings to secure his arms, before using the second set to wrap around the body. There is also a foot pouch, although you dont have to use this which allows you to keep using the wrap even when baby is getting long!!
I love this wrap because it really is secure!!!!

DreamSwaddle by Mum2Mum – $42.95

A 100% cotton wrap, this one has the inner arm wrap like the Miracle Blanket, and then a zippered sleeping bag – a combination of both the ergo Cacoon and the Miracle Blanket! This is then followed by an additional outer wrap for secureness.
I bought a third because it can be exhausting trying to get the wraps washed and dried before the next sleep time.
The most natural colour in this range is the pure white – I really love my undyed natural cotton colour and this white stands out! But if you love colour, then the green version looks very very funky!!!
My babe doesnt quite get a good fit in this wrap, as he on the smaller end of the scale for the size I bought. I’ll update in a month 🙂
Personally I find this wrap is fiddly and I dont like the velcro closure although it is well designed for easy washing (not snagging other clothing) and to keep the wrap in good condition.
I do like the car-seat slot although I feel this is pointless if the arms are wrapped. Also, the double-sided zipper is great for easy nappy changing or air flow in wamr weather.

My verdict?

I love the miracle blanket. This wrap has helped me get my baby to sleep through the night – even weeks later!!! However it is quite hot at the moment and the wrap goes around serveral times, creating a double layer. So during the day I use the ergo Cacoon, which is a bit more casual, lighter and cooler, and easy to pop in and out of for naps and playtime. It is also easy enough to get him ready to popped into the carseat for preschool runs, which is handy for a fourth babe!!!
I would reccomend buying TWO miracle blankets.
I think the Cacoon will be great for progressing from wrapping/swaddling to a sleeping bag, which is something I am a big fan of – our two-year-old is still in one.

I’ll update when he is a bit bigger and I get more use out of the dreamswaddle.


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